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I have suffered with painful stomach issues most of my life.

I went to see Jo about losing weight and haven’t looked back since.

5 weeks later… 9.3kg lighter & 53cm from around my body.

My journey is still not complete… I no longer have puffy ankles, my skin is the best it is has ever been and my stomach pains are gone.

I haven’t felt this good in ages.

– Amanda Fraser Age 55

Thanks Jo

I started with a personal trainer and began to lose weight before my weight loss stalled. I increased my exercise to 6 days a week but still could not lose any more weight.

During one of my training sessions I was introduced to Jo, she spoke about how tweaking my diet a little would make a big difference.

40kg lighter…I now have fun competing in sports.

– Sam Giblett – GNM Plumbing Townsville

When a doctor wouldn’t treat my asthma, because he was sure I had sleep apnea instead due to my being fat, it was the last humiliating straw. Tearily, I approached Jo and confided my struggles and asked for help.

Since that time I have not looked back. I’ve averaged 1kg loss per week and I am confident that I will achieve my goals…

I’ve still a way to go, but I’m grateful for her support, knowledge and very personable manner.

Ps I don’t have sleep apnea and asthma is managed beautifully by a different doctor.

– Lyndell Punshon, Townsville

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